GNW Companion and EZ Guide to the Great North Walk

This pair of books offers the best available information about this great Aussie Hike.
Pack lite, walk fast: EZ Guide to the Great North Walk – 21st C downloadable e-trails.

What recent readers of ‘The Great North Walk Companion’ say:

> accurate and helpful for travellers
> brings to life much of the history on and around the Great North Walk
> sense of ‘truth’ in the details of becoming lost and finding their way again
> resources section – is - particularly helpful and interesting
> story about a family’s adventure mixed with a puzzle to solve
> area’s real history is well researched
> highlights many interesting stories and attractions such as Indigenous engravings
> bonus is the accommodation options, track conditions, geocaching coordinates
> great job of promoting this classic walk

Read more reviews in Wild magazine and from Wildwalks, as well as reviews by Adventure, by Sydney Bushwalkers, by Armchair Treasure Hunters and here.

Purchase The Great North Walk Companion from Digital Print Australia's on-line bookstore. Also available from bookstores at Trek and Travel and Novella Fine Books, Wahroonga.

All our maps show the sections walked by Billie and her Companion -- the trails are numbered to match chapters in the book. Download Corrigenda (corrections).

Billie's Mysterious Companion
Learn more clues about Billie’s Companion @ NSW library talks

When you read 'The Great North Walk Companion' book, you probably create a mental picture of Billie's Companion. Is this a male or female? How old? How do they look? Are you sure (by the end) that your Companion walked with Billie? What facts are certain?

Drawing the Companion's Family Tree
Readers of the book have begun to construct a family tree for Billie’s Companion. There are plenty of clues in the chapters - the text and the pictures. You can share your insights or your questions right here. Read all about it here

Solving the Mystery
Many people have asked us to write one more chapter on Billie’s Companion. We aren’t ready to do this. There are plenty of clues in the book that, in our view, reveal the secret. If you want to join those keen to complete a ‘final chapter’ elaborating on what is said about the companion in our book, we offer the possibility of publishing that chapter on this web site - we welcome any and all ‘conclusions’: please limit your word count to 5,000 words. Submit them using the Comment option here. The chapters will be moderated before publication to ensure quality.

Contributed "last chapters"
Each contributed chapter, once accepted, will be placed as a hotlink here.

To make a contribution, make sure you are logged in and then use the "Add new comment" button below.

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