Henry Kendall’s Cottage Museum

Henry Kendall’s Cottage Museum: (33° 25′ 46″S, 151° 19′ 0″E) sandstone building dating back to 1836 that was home to Henry Kendall from 1873-75 and also owned by G. I. Adcock. 25-27 Henry Kendall Street, West Gosford. About 5 km off the Great North Walk where it crosses Piles Creek.

The Great North Walk Companion extract- pages 238-239

The only place she’d even seen industry was near the house that had once been home to Henry Kendall — on a school trip to Gosford. So, on an off-chance, she went there a few days after the twins had moved into a tiny flat over a Chinese take-away in Central Mangrove, and managed to talk her way into a job in this company called Jusfrute. In the ’60s, there was massive upheaval in the soft drinks market in Australia. Before then, many sodas were made locally from local fruit juices.”
“What, no Coke or Pepsi?”
“Oh yes — they had both been sold in Australia since the 1940s — but there was still enough local fruit-based drinks to mean that in smaller places you’d generally get a choice and often the local sodas were more popular and even cheaper.”
Around the mid-1960s, there were fruit juice operations in south-east Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria. In Quilpie, a local publican ran a cordial plant just to supply his three hotels. Some towns brought in cans of fruit and juice such as pineapple that was abundant in Queensland while others found their own soda suppliers locally in their neighbourhood citrus orchards. That was the case around here: fruit trees blossomed and so did the soda and fruit juice derivatives market.
“You can still see the odd citrus orchard around here. There are some in the Ourimbah Valley but I can’t recall whether we’ll walk past them today. By chance, the man who had purchased the house and land from the Fagan brothers, Colonel Garnet Adcock, was not only an entrepreneur but he also had a soft heart and first employed Petra out of a sense of local responsibility.”

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