Nutcote — Home of May Gibbs

Nutcote — Home of May Gibbs: (33° 50′ 31″S, 151° 13′ 17″E) open Wednesday — Sunday (+61 2 9953 4453) and located at 5 Wallaringa Avenue, Neutral Bay, NSW. About 20 minutes from the Great North Walk — 15 minute ferry ride from Circular Quay to Hayes Street Wharf, Neutral Bay and then a 5-minute walk.

The Great North Walk Companion extract- page 294

“Sorry about the May Gibbs nightmares,” I offer as we pause to admire one of the many water scenes along this part of the track.
“No worries, I wasn’t alone. Almost every kid in my primary school made up stories about Gibbs’ characters: scary ones and silly fairy ones. And they went on reading them to us at school. Our teacher said she wrote them in Sydney?”
“Some. You know, you share something with the creator of the gumnut babies. May was moved from her first home at the age of four. In her case, her family moved all the way from England to Australia. They came first to South Australia and then on to Perth. I think I heard a radio interview she did when she said that walking in Western Australia with her cousins was where she first saw ‘ugly, wicked little men’ sitting on almost every branch of the banksias they passed.”
“How funny. To think she really saw them. Did she draw them all herself too?”
“She did. Her story always reminds me a little of the English Lake District author, Beatrix Potter. They shared highly imaginative interpretations of the behaviour of animals and plants and developed stories around anthropomorphized rural settings.”

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