Richmond Vale Railway Museum and Richmond Main Heritage Park

Richmond Vale Railway Museum and Richmond Main Heritage Park: (32° 51′ 34″S, 151° 28′ 31″E) this private railway operated from 1905 to 1987 and once conveyed miners between the Pelaw Main and Richmond Vale collieries. It used Australia’s last operating steam railway — steam-train rides are available on the first three Sundays of each month.
Richmond Main Colliery, once the largest shaft mine in the Southern Hemisphere, is heritage listed. Visit the administrative centre, the powerhouse and the blacksmith’s shop (+61 2 4936 1124). Off Leggets Lane, Richmond Vale, NSW, about 12 km due north of the Great North Walk at Heaton gap.

The Great North Walk Companion extract- page 191

Wondabyne: “It certainly was a strange but fast-changing small place that derived its living by shifting quarried stone and as a railway stop for stone trains. Before 1883, only a few people were living there at the quarry and then over 800 men move in from 1884 to help dig the Woy Woy railway tunnel. Once that is finished in January 1888, the railway line connects up to Gosford and a station master is appointed. Then, finally, the Brooklyn Bridge, the railway bridge, was finished on 1st May 1889 and so steam ferries stop.”
“But what did that teenage girl do?” I’m asked.
“Rosalyn? I think she had a job as a barmaid in the pub in Wondabyne,” I grin.
“There was a pub, there?”
“Yes, it seems odd now as you can’t see any village at all but around this time, with so many men doing heavy work all day; there was a very viable pub, called the Centennial. So when Bert Ryan arrives all the way from northern England, a beautiful barmaid just a year younger than himself sells him a beer or two every evening and listens to his homesick comparisons between the wild Derbyshire moors he misses and the low-bushed rock-ragged places we’ve walked through today.”

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