St Barnabas’ Church, Yarramalong

St Barnabas’ Church, Yarramalong: (33° 13′ 7″S, 151° 16′ 33″E) the oldest remaining church in Wyong Shire is tended by volunteers. Visit the pioneer churchyard (round the back) to view the grave of William Bevan and other early settlers. Located on Ravensdale Road Yarramalong on the Great North Walk less than 1 km north out of the centre of Yarramalong.

The Great North Walk Companion extract- page 252

This is a lovely stroll taking no time to arrive at the beautiful St Barnabas Church. “Here’s where your Gran and Grandad were married,” I say. “I was allowed to come with Alice but Bruce refused to attend. Rather a pity really. I was very excited. I was only six and being a bridesmaid was just so wonderful. Petra had Lizzie and I, of course, and Kyle’s sister Gwen too. Alice reckons I wore my dress and sparkly sandals for the next two weeks non-stop!”
“St Barnabas, the oldest church building in Wyong Shire, opened its doors around 1885. Gravestones of many of the earliest local pioneers can be seen in its churchyard. The building is virtually original and is still used for monthly ecumenical Sunday worship and by arrangement for weddings, baptisms and other services,” my companion reads from a brochure dropped near the gate. “Are we going inside?”
We do and I am suddenly surprised by a beautiful memory of the congregation clapping when Kyle kissed Petra at the altar rail here in 1973. Buoyed by pleasant thoughts, we move back outside into the sun and rejoin this easy wander along the Great North Walk. We end our road walk at the intersection of Cedar Brush Road and Beavens Point Road where I left my car this morning.

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