Milligan Wing, Woy Woy Library

Milligan Wing, Woy Woy Library: (33° 29′ 9″S, 151° 19′ 30″E) this special collection is housed in the library building on the corner of Blackwall Road and Oval Ave, about 4 km from the Great North Walk, from where it crosses the Woy Woy railway tunnel.

The Great North Walk Companion extract- page 311-312

Spike Milligan — had a family that lived in Woy Woy. He was brought up in India, and his parents moved here in the early 1950s. He used to visit them and his brother to take time out from notoriety in the UK, write and wander these hills. Later on, he became quite an impassioned and, of course, articulate campaigner for the preservation and protection of these Aboriginal rock art sites. In fact, you can almost see the library building right in the town centre that has a wing dedicated to a collection of Milligan writings and memorabilia.”

Walking back slowly towards the road, we see quite a few of the marks often called ‘cupmarks’, which may be natural or may be engraved. Only about 5 m from the turn-off from the road, there is another group of engravings that include what is called ‘mundoe man’, a fish and an emu.
“Why mundoe man?” I’m asked.
“It means hero or strong man of legends. Imagine a group of indigenous people sitting up here viewing the splendid land- and sea-scapes and telling stories of the dreamtime. What a fantastic venue for tales of adventure!”

As we walk back and continue down Woy Woy Road, I add a little to my tale of Woy Woy’s most recent and mocking, adopted son.
“Milligan’s first piece about round here didn’t thrill many locals. He wasn’t ever very complimentary about the name Woy Woy, famously saying, ‘Woy it is called Woy Woy Oi will never know’.

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