Writers’ Walk

Writers’ Walk: (33° 51′ 36″S, 151° 12′ 47″E) follow the metal plaques, starting from the International Passenger Terminal on West Circular Quay around the walkway that runs between the ferry jetties and Circular Quay railway station, and then all the way along East Circular Quay to the side of the Sydney Opera House forecourt — on the Great North Walk.

The Great North “Walk Companion extract- page 22

Our walk from Valentia Street Wharf past Woolwich Dock has run between Alexandra and Fern Bays and across Kelly’s Bush, the location of the world’s first Green Ban. As we walk up Alexandra Street in Hunter’s Hill I marvel at the beautiful residences: “Cate Blanchett lives around here somewhere,” I remark. “You know — in the movie of ‘Lord of the Rings’ — she’s the queen of the fairies.”
“Galadriel, and she’s an elf!” I am corrected.
We don’t see Cate or any other famous actors or writers who live locally but we do discover that the area’s Aboriginal name (maybe used by Alkira) is ‘Mookaboola’ or ‘Moocooboola’, which means meeting of waters. The first Australians too were astounded by the water views on every side. We also learn a little about the post-European history of Hunter’s Hill including that during the 1840s it was the home of many convicts who had escaped from the penal colony on Cockatoo Island and set up home here apparently safe from recapture.

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