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Yes! We walked the Great North Walk in a year: between October 2008 and September 2009. We used the NSW Land and Property Management Authority maps and also researched the trails, history and places to visit.

Our story can be found in

The Great North Walk Companion

This can be purchased from Digital Print Australia's on-line bookstore.

Our view of The Walk
The Great North Walk connects New South Wales’ largest cities from the obelisk in our first town square to the wharf from which our oldest steamship still sails in over 250 kilometres of fascination: just 21 in 2009 although some paths are many tens of thousands of years old; has been completed in 66 hours and is walked over decades; passes right beside examples of the oldest rock engravings in the world and modern street art; crosses dramatic and beautiful waterways by means as diverse as the world’s widest steel-arch bridge to the oldest operating river postman’s boat; is steeped in mystery including more than a dozen murders, disappearances and inexplicable deaths; winds past the southern hemisphere’s largest salt-water swimming pool, our largest provincial Anglican cathedral, a park dedicated to our longest-lived cartoon character and the site of the first coal find; see where the first Brooklyn Railway Bridge (1890) was erected on the deepest pier then plumbed (49.4 m) and climb the highest peak – Mt Warrawolong (641 m).

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